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Lakings of Louth are proud to produce traditional Lincolnshire sausages with their distinctive sage and pepper flavour. We still use the same recipe as used by the founding members of the company. Fresh Pork Sausages are filled out every day, linked in 8s and 16s. Past generations use to hang these sausages to give them a stronger flavour. A tradition set in the time before domestic refrigeration. A higher meat content pork sausage (specials) are also available and is seasoned with exactly the same seasoning as our best selling Pork Sausage.

Lakings of Louth regularly enter their Pork Sausages in the Lincolnshire Poacher competition.

Stuffed Chine

A meat product unique to Lincolnshire, Stuffed Chine goes back in local history as a cold meat dish served on May Day. Farm Labours were allowed home before harvest and also attended the Hiring Fair for summer labour. Stuffed Chine is more well know as a dish served at Christenings. Most families had a pig and preserved it with salt, in the days before refrigeration. The neck chine was cut as a through section of the shoulder. This was the muscle on both sides of the spine. After curing with salt the chine was allowed to dry naturally, think parma ham. The chine was sometimes soaked to reduce the effect of the drying. It may have been stored for many months. The muscle was then cut on both sides of the chine. Parsley was washed and trimmed and then chopped finely. The parsley, sometimes mixed with onion, was placed in the cuts made in the chine. The chine was stuffed both sides, then tied. A muslin cloth was wrapped around the chine, to keep the parsley in. The chine was brought to boil and simmered until thoroughly cooked. The Stuffed Chine was well cooled and allowed to set-up, making it ready to slice. The cut Stuffed Chine has alternating seams of cured bacon and parsley. Served as a cold meat and sometimes given a sprinkling of vinegar.

Stuffed Chine is an acquired taste; you either love it or loathe it. It is guaranteed to give you many happy returns in indigestion.

Lakings of Louth have repeatedly won a gold award in the County competition for our Stuffed Chine. We have won the class outright at least three times.

Pork Pie

All pork butchers make pork pies. Lakings of Louth pride themselves on our hand prepared pie. Hot water pastry is prepared and moulded by our bakery. The pork meat filling is prepared from selected pork cuts. The pork filling contains trimmed meat muscles as well as a percentage of pork fat, this helps to retain the moistness of the pie. The meat is handled such a way as not to leave the cooked filling feeling hard and rubbery. The pastry case is shaped by a hand operated press, the filling weighed off and added and finally the lid is pressed home. The pie is allowed to rest so that the pastry which has been stretched can adjust. The pork pie is baked and after jelly is added. After further cooling the pie is ready for sale.


A product again unique to Lincolnshire and found also south of the county. Acelet is another name used in some areas. Haslet is basically a roasted sausage meat. Prepared as Plain or Savoury, sausage meat is moulded into a small loaf shapes and wrapped with a natural fat membrane. These are placed in a roasting tin ready for the oven. The haslets are roasted until thoroughly cooked, cooled and are then ready for sale. They are sold whole or in half and also sliced. The Savoury variety may contain onion and other added ingredients to give it a wider appeal. Haslet is usually served as a cooked meat but is sometimes cut thickly and fried. Not a healthy option!

Plum Bread

Plum Bread. A fruit loaf sometimes prepared in the same way as bread but also made like a fruit cake. Dough is prepared and selected dried fruit is added to complete the mix. The dough is portioned and baked off. Plum Bread is served buttered and also with cheese. It can also be toasted like a rich teacake. Delicious!